A new tune: "Akari"

This is a tune I wrote a while back, and I recorded it and produced it many years ago, but I wanted to re-record and re-produce it because I'm better at stuff now innit. I'm quite pleased with it.

I took a sort of visual, aesthetic inspiration from an Anime film called 5 Centimeters per Second. The song is named after the female character in the film.

I do want to play around with different sounds other than this, but I seem to fall into this kind of sound whatever I do. I don't dislike it though.

I'm doing a bit of a joint project with a friend at the moment on a disco track. So that's nice and different. We'll see how that goes.



A new original tune uploaded on my YouTube channel...

A made this tune "Boy" a few years ago but it actually still sounds good, and fits in with my current 'aesthestic' of original music. It goes well with the other one I recently did, "Shimmer" which I'll post below too. I'll carry on going down this path and see where it takes me, although the next time I write something it might end up sounding completely different to this!

People seem to like it anyway, and I'm pleased with it.



El Dorado 2017!

El Dorado was great fun and it is a wonderful festival. Colourful and full of nice people.

My set was went well, I really enjoyed it, the stage I was on was actually part of the bar though which made it hard to bring people in from outside with the choons, as it was sort of near the main stage which was obviously the loudest stage.

I'd love to go back and play next year so I really hope I'm invited again. Had a great time with Sophie this time too!

I think next year I want to be able to have an arsenal of my own tunes to be able to play. So I really want to get down to work.

Also I saw a girl hula-hooping and I decided I want to learn how to do that too. So maybe a future YouTube video will involve me hula-hooping while DJing. Who knows what the future will bring?!?!



El Dorado Festival - Again!

Hi all, I decided to start writing a blog here to keep track of everything I do. I'd like to look back on this and remember all the cool stuff I've done.

Yes, this summer I will be playing the El Dorado Festival again! This time I will be bringing bff Sophie along and we're gonna fucking drown in glitter. Bring it on.

There's an amazing line up as well!

I think I'm gonna make it quite a disco-ey set this time - and some summery vibes. Hopefully it will actually be sunny!

I'm gonna try and vlog it as well for the YouTube channel.